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Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in News, Tourism, Traveling |

The Unique Wildlife and Nature in Australia


Australia is a continent that has been in isolation for the longest time. Because of this isolation, the place is unique and there are animals that can only be found here. The nature in Australia is actually quite interesting and it is very diverse. The wildlife, on the other hand, can range from unique and weird to cute and cuddly. The animals here have actually evolved in isolation which would explain their uniqueness. These animals have adapted well to the various weather conditions in Australia.
Australia used to belong to Gondwana around fifty-five million years ago. It was a landmass that was composed of countries today that are now in the Southern Hemisphere although there are a few that belong to the Northern Hemisphere. Australia used to be made up of rainforests but as the continent moved to a warmer climate, these rainforests dried out.

DINGOLindyontheprowlThe unique animals in Australia are the reason that a lot of people visit the country. All in all, Australia has 378 mammal species, more than 800 species of birds, 4000 species of fishes, 300 lizard species, 140 species of snake, two crocodile species and around fifty kinds of marine mammals. At least eighty percent of the plants and animals found in the country are unique to the country.

platypus_662_600x450There are various species of bandicoots around Australia. They can be seen during the day but they are generally nocturnal animals. Dingoes look like dogs but unlike dogs they howl instead of barking. Then there are the kangaroos which is one of the well-known animals of Australia. There are two types of Grey Kangaroos. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo can be found on the East Coast while the Western Grey Kangaroos are located on the West Coast. Other types of kangaroos found in the country are Red Kangaroos and Tree Kangaroos. There are several species of wallabies found in Australia. Wallabies look like kangaroos. And who would not recognize the koala bears of Australia? They are small creatures who look like bears and their famous habitat are the eucalyptus trees. Another unique animal in Australia is the platypus. It has the bill of a duck, short legs with webbed feet and a beaver-like tail. Echidna echidna2is another unique animal of Australia. It has a furry belly but it has sharp spines on its back. They live in the hot desert but they can also survive the cold climate of the country.

The natural environment of Australia is also very diverse and they have great landscapes. There are several heritage sites too in the country. Australia is a place where you can explore rainforests just outside the cities. If you wish to go on a trail, you can visit the country’s snow-capped mountains. If you happen to be a beach bum, then you can hit the beaches. Maybe even go diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
The animals mentioned above are among the best known animals of Australia. They may not be easy to find in the wild but you can certainly see them in zoos all over the country. The nature of Australia could also be a memorable part of your trip to Australia. Photographers will certainly enjoy the nature of the place because it is just as diverse as its wildlife. The natural landscapes of the country include gorges, rock formations, caves and coral reefs. Animal lovers will also enjoy the many animals that they can interact with.