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Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in News, Tourism, Traveling |

Relax, Stroll and Book your Travel in Top Places to Visit in Australia


While you are meeting Australia’s best season for travel, you got to be excited for the places which you are picking to visit. During summer months, there are some places in Australia that are experiencing extremely high temperatures which pushes you another route to visit. The weather condition in an area will make you choose on the best place you can spend your vacation with. Australia has delighted millions of backpackers all around the world and it they are coming back several times to have themselves feel the wonders of nature blessed in Australia. Taking a list of some of the beautiful places in Australia, you will never let any one of it be missed on your Aussie travel. With the numerous beauty lies in Australia, it is difficult to choose the best of the best places that you can spend your vacation with. It was picked because of the number of tourist that are keep coming back and these are considered to bring Australia’s fame and pride to its backpackers.

Located in the northern Queensland, Daintree Forest is one of the most picked places in Australia for eco-tourism and eco-lovers backpackers. It is a natural wonderland. Seeing the green rainforest, it is also considered as Australia’s largest blessed rainforest that caters to different species of rainforest animals including toads, birds and butterflies that makes it more amazing and worth for your time and bucks.


In Victoria, people can easily toss the Great Ocean Road to be one of their wonderful destinations. It is 243 kilometers in length, but it will be an interesting one for long drive and to see the panoramic views of this long coastline will make you stop for a while and take a short swim through it clear waters that attracts travelers.

New South Wales take its pride by introducing to us the Byron Bay. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations of tourists and holiday destination for its locals. It is known international to cater million of tourist locals who wish to have some fun and to have a sun-tanned skin. There are also lots of festivals being celebrated along the coastline like the music fest which is a regular celebration annually.

sydney-harbour-and-opera-house_2Sydney reveals to be the top one tourist destination in Australia. It is the capital of the New South Wales and it has an iconic feature of the whole country Australia. There are more to see in Sydney apart from the famous The Opera House, you can also visit Harbour Bridge and Bondi/ Manly beaches. Considered to be one of the most expensive cities of the world, Sydney remains to be the top tourist destination because of the iconic tourist destinations that stood on its land. It is also the largest and the famous city of Australia where there are numerous historic landmarks that satisfy the thirst of the new generation to seek the origin of their motherland. People are going everywhere at night to experience the extravagant night life in the city and the extra-ordinary experience that only Sydney could give.